Saturday , July 22 2017

Tips for Raising your Baby

Hi, and welcome to! Here you will find all the information you need about your new baby – from when they will learn to walk, to how much having a baby will cost. We even offer some fun advice on top baby names and what they mean. Visit any of the pages below for top baby tips and advice.

Your Baby’s Appearance

What will your baby look like? Read how genes can affect your baby’s features and have fun thinking about the different hair and eye colours your baby might get from you!


When do babies crawl, walk, talk, and teeth? Look at the different stages and when to expect your baby to grow and develop.

What’s in a Name?

What are the most common baby names? We offer some fun insight into the most popular boys’ and girls’ names and what they mean!


Read our advice on what to do to relieve baby hiccups, including how to swaddle your baby and help them crawl!


What can babies eat? When can your baby drink cow’s milk? Your questions answered – including why babies shouldn’t eat honey!


Sleep is essential for babies to grow, and to process what they’ve learned while they’ve been awake! Learn how much sleep babies actually need, and how they should sleep in their early stages.


We offer our insight on how much babies cost and the different items you need to buy to prepare yourself for the joy of parenthood!


Baby toys and gifts will help your baby to learn and grow, but safety is also important. Read our advice on what to buy for a new born baby and how to make sure toys are safe.