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3 Tips for Sharing Images of your Baby

With all the latest technology in photography and videography, it’s still a challenge to know the best ways of sharing images of your baby.

We’ve now got digital cameras, HD video, ‘the Cloud’ social media, external drives and so many other gadgets, but which one way works best?

Here are 3 tips that will help you decide how you should be sharing images of your baby.

Consider your audience

Whilst it’s tempting to take so many images of your baby – with having cameras on almost all of our phones – we do need to exercise quality over quantity.

It was only a few years ago where we needed to arrange family photography, and either travel to a photographer or purchase a camera ourselves. Even then, due to restrictions of camera film, we tended to take a handful of photographs and rely on skill – or the photographer – to frame the shots well.

Now, we tend to snap multiple photos of the same event, video and even with all sorts of fancy effects – filters, text, light leaks etc. – but do we really consider our audience?

The golden rule here is – if you are thinking of sharing images of your baby, firstly consider your audience.

  • Too many colours may adversely effect the ability for older people or those with poor eyesight, to fully appreciate the photograph.
  • Whilst you may have the latest smartphone, not everyone you will be sharing images of your baby with may not have the same technical competence.

Keep it simple

It’s very easy to become addictive to shooting images of your baby, but do you really want to burden grandparents with hundreds of photos of the same thing?

You may be able to do all sorts of technical wizardry, but remember when you are sharing images of your baby that all family members may have different preferences. Some may prefer to view images online via photo sharing services, some may use email whilst some may still prefer paper/hard copies of images.

Do you really want to be creating work for yourself by having to upload to different sites, email people, print copies or share via smartphone>

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could just choose one or two select photographs that you know everyone will love, and then find one effective way of sharing images of your baby?

Don’t forget what makes a memory

Here’s the truth about sharing images of your baby.

Whilst everybody is impressed with the latest technology, nothing beats looking at a ‘real’ photograph. Something they can touch, they can frame, they can feel – which smartphones, social media or online photo sharing services can never replace.

Postcards are an ideal opportunity for sharing images of your baby. Just choose the pictures you prefer best, and through a combination of technology and printing services you can be sharing images of your baby in a snap.

Whether it’s greeting cards, customised cards or just prints, online sharing to postcard printing services are without a doubt the best way of sharing images of your baby with everybody.

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