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5 Ways to Improve Your Kid’s Breathing

Your kids usually do not need even a minute to catch their breaths, as they dash up and down the stairs or dart across the street in to the playing field effortlessly. However, research has shown that most of the kids, in today’s time and age, are suffering from breathing problems. This is primarily because of the environmental damages, we have witnessed lately.

Although, some parents might be aware with what they need to do, to tackle breathing problems in their kids, most parents are not properly familiar with the ways which can help improve their children’s breathing. Moving on, let us talk about 5 of the most common, yet effective ways, which can help you improve your child’s breathing.

1. Breathing Exercises:

Breathing exercises such as Yoga and meditating are few of the best ways which can help your child in breathing more effectively. You must add a few of these exercises in the daily routine of your children to help improve their respiratory system, and in return, improve their breathing.

2. Always Stay Hydrated:

Drinking plenty of water can help give a thin consistency to the mucus, which is lining your kid’s airways and lungs. Dehydration may cause that mucus lining to get sticky and thicker. This will result in respiratory and breathing problems overall.

3. Increase Walking Speed:

Walking with a good pace can help your heart pump faster, which clears your breathing vessels as well. Make sure you ask your kid’s to walk with an increased pace and take deep breaths while walking. If you live in an area with a lot of greenery, this will be even better.

4. Paced Breathing:

Increase the pace of your child’s breathing. You can also add an hour to your child’s schedule, in which your child needs to take deep breathes and breathe heavily. This will help clear the respiratory vessels and as a result, improve your child’s breathing.

5. Healthy Weight:

Excess weight can pressurize all your child’s respiratory muscles and put extra stress on your lungs. This will prevent your child from breathing properly. Make sure that your child maintains a healthy weight, according to your child’s height, in order to maintain an effective breathing process.

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