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A Guide to Baby Headbands

Of course every parent knows their child is beautiful, gorgeous and special – but suppose there was something else you could do to make them even more cuter?

How about a baby headband? Read on for a simple, clear guide that will explain all there is to know about baby headbands – and why your baby should have one!

Why should I get a baby headband?

Okay, we know you think it’s impossible to make your baby even more cuter, more pretty, or look cool – but it is, believe us.

Simply, baby headbands are a unique and ‘bang on trend’ way to give your child their own identity, more cuteness and a look they will surely ‘own’.

Baby headbands are not just for girls though, through a variety of styles, materials and looks baby boys are catered for also.

As multiple births (twins, triplets etc.) become more common, baby headbands are also a unique way to identify babies – especially in larger families – and add some character to the child from an early age.

What material are baby headbands available in?

Many different styles and materials of baby headband are available, from crochet, lace, chiffon, nylon and even satin.

What colours are baby headbands available in?

Baby headbands are available in many different colours, such as :-

  • Hot Pink
  • Baby Pink
  • Beige
  • Lilac
  • White
  • Yellow
  • Grey
  • Peach
  • Red
  • Turquoise
  • Salmon
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Baby Green

Are headbands just for babies though?

Although the appeal of baby headbands is primarily for babies, headbands are also available for toddlers.

What style of baby headband should I choose?

Baby headbands are usually in one or two piece, with the latter being most popular as the removable hairlip can be used separately as the child grows older.

Baby headbands with bows

Baby headbands with bows in a variety of patterns and colours, such as Small Chiffon Tulle Bow Baby Headband, Strawberry bow baby headband, Luxury Lace Headband & Blue Stripe Fabric Bow or a Posh Pearl Silky Bow & Lacey Baby Headband.

Baby headbands with flowers

Baby headbands with flowers in comfy crochet, cotton such as Luxury stretch fabric rose headband, Stretch Baby Headband with Satin Flower, Curly Flower Elastic Lace Baby Headband, Big Flower All In One Fabric Baby Headband or Tricolour Tulle Flower Lace Baby Headband.

Vintage and retro baby headbands

For more unique styling, consider a vintage or retro baby headband such as Luxury Handmade Turban Knot Headwrap, Beautiful Vintage Double Button Baby Headband, Luxury Floral Retro Baby Headband or Vintage Polka Turban Knot Stretch Fabric Headband.

Special occasion baby headbands

Ideal for weddings and christenings, with styles such as White Crochet Headband with Luxury Flower, Acrylic Diamond Satin Flower or Vintage Rose Flower

Buy your baby headband today with confidence

So as you can see, the choice of baby headbands covers a variety of materials, colours and styles to give your child their own individual gorgeous look and character.

In addition to the beautiful look, each baby headband is made to unique designs the finest materials and checked to rigorous quality standards before despatch.

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