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Baby Down Feather and Micro Bed Pillow Reviews

Down feather pillows

  • It is the type of pillow which contains natural filling into it. The filling contains the feathers of different birds as for example pillow with goose feather filling.

  • These pillows are lightweight and live for a long time.
  • These are easy to handle and manage.
  • The only cons of this type are that sometimes hard feather comes along with the soft ones which may create a problem especially when children are using the pillow.
Pros cons
  • It is light weight pillow
  • Because of presence of feather, it is soft and natural
  • It has a long life as compared to other pillows because of natural origin.
  • Sometimes the hard feather comes among other feathers which seem hard for the children.

Micro bead

  • One of the cheaper forms of the body pillow is the microbead type that contains small beads into it as a filling. It gives the soft impression. Children love to sleep with this type of pillows.
  • The pillow provides the good support and easy to use and handle. It is very much flexible. The person can easily handle and takes it anywhere he wants.
  • As it does not contain the padded foam, it provides comparatively less comfort level to the body.
Pros cons
  • They are considered as the flexible form of pillows
  • Available in many shapes
  • Affordable and cheap in price
  • Micro beads stuffing do not provide the same level of comfort as the other pillows have.

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