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Budgeting for your Baby

We all know babies cost money. From basic essentials such as milk, nappies and toys, to clothing and allowances as they grow older, it’s a given: having children can be expensive. But how much does having a baby actually cost?

We’ve displayed a handy list that looks at every aspect that comes with having a baby.

Nappies – Cost anything from a few pounds to £10, depending on size, brand, and quantity. When it comes to changing nappies, quality is best. Buying nappies of good-quality material will make sure nappy rash and allergies are kept to a minimum, which means you spend less on powders and creams.

Baby wipes & talcum powder – Generally, branded baby wipes are just as effective as store-owned baby wipes. Most are for sensitive skin and do the same job as any other. Talcum powder is a necessity for handling those rashes and are usually reasonably priced.

Milk and food – Whether you choose to breastfeed or not, and how long for, at some point your baby will transition to powdered milk or baby food. Like us as adults, you know that the better the quality of food, the more expensive the price. However, feeding you baby doesn’t have to be costly. Most supermarkets offer discounts and bulk-buys to make it even easier for you to provide for your little bundle of joy.

Clothes – It’s tempting to buy the latest cute brands for your baby – but they will grow out of new clothes before you’ve even had a chance to wash them once. Quality clothes are essential for when your baby starts crawling and learning to walk, because wear and tear will occur – however when your baby is in its early stages, breathable cotton clothing is all that is needed for comfort. If buying brands is something you love to do, you can always save them for your next baby, or sell them on for a small price.

Teething items – No mother wants to see their baby in pain during the teething stage. Toys, dummies and soothing gels are all essential to help your baby through this uncomfortable and painful time in their life.

Toys – Many new born babies get plenty of soft toys bought for them by family and friends so this is one worry you won’t have to think about too much. Luckily most toys and bears can be bought well in advance of your baby being born, so you can save up for the rest of your baby’s essential items if you prefer.

Furniture – Cribs, high chairs, pushchairs – they all cost money, and like anything else, the higher the quality, the more expensive they will be. Cribs and carrycots are essential for safety, and if you need a baby seat for your car, it is especially important that you research and buy the very best that you can afford. If you haven’t had your baby yet – start saving now. A little extra money can go a long way when it comes to buying quality furniture for your baby.