Saturday , July 22 2017
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How to Use Pesticides Safely For Children In Your London Home

Pests can be dangerous and, especially around babies and young children, they most likely are not very welcome in your home. If you’re facing a pest invasion and are looking for a solution to the problem, you may be considering pesticides. But remember that pesticides are made to kill things, …

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6 ways that Baby Gates can be Unsafe

So is it time to baby proof your house? That means that you are probably thinking about baby gates…what to look for, what to avoid. Even though baby gates obviously exist for the purpose of keeping your little one safe, that doesn’t mean that every baby gate in every situation …

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Keeping your Child Safe with Safety Protections

We all know our kids are prone to bumps and knocks, but how do we keep them safe and protected whilst allowing them to play and have fun? The answer to keeping your child safe is ‘safety protections’, which are the rigid or soft protections that encase or cover any …

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