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Keeping your Child Safe with Safety Protections

We all know our kids are prone to bumps and knocks, but how do we keep them safe and protected whilst allowing them to play and have fun?

The answer to keeping your child safe is ‘safety protections’, which are the rigid or soft protections that encase or cover any potential danger.

Where do safety protections keep children safe then?

Anywhere children play – e.g. sports facilities, educational establishments such as kindergartens, schools and daycare centre or playgrounds – needs to be a safe environment to protect children and keep them safe.


What are safety protections?

Typical examples of safety protections used to keep children safe are:-

  • shockproof outdoor floorings (interlocking carpet, SBR floorings)
  • indoor floorings (interlocking carpet, EVA floorings or tatamis)
  • radiator covers, fences, signage and gates
  • polycarbonates
  • EVA or polyurethane foam protections, in the form of panelling, wall, post or corner protections

What is important about safety protections?

Firstly, the correct safety protections should be implemented by using experienced designers to specify the requirements.

Secondly, expert suppliers and installers produce and install/lay the safety protections to the correct specifications and safety standards.

Finally, safety protections should be protected by detailed guarantees and after-sale security to ensure peace of mind for the client – as well as a safe environment for the children.

Ultimately, the aim of safety protections is to minimise the dangers possibly present anywhere children play. Remember, “pastime is important but safety is fundamental”.

What to look for in a safety protection installer

Ensure any safety protection installer has experience and reputation for quality work, including:-

  • using safe and certified materials
  • high design technological protections
  • follow the pursuit of the highest quality and safety level

Typical examples of potential hazards that would benefit from safety protections:

  • Posts in a basketball or volleyball court
  • Metal column in a school yard
  • Marble worktops in a school
  • Edges and corners in play areas
  • Table edges at school
  • Walls and partitions in children’s playing areas and bedrooms
  • Corners and edges in toilets
  • Delimited play areas at home
  • Radiators at home and in schools
  • Poles, columns and wall corners in nursery schools
  • School forecourts
  • Sportsgrounds
  • Play areas
  • Fitness centres

Innovative solutions of safety protections to keep children safe

Puzzle carpets are a terrific example of a safety protection for children that makes safety and welfare fun. By protecting hard surfaces with flexible, strong and safe puzzle-pieces, a protective carpet can be installed that keeps children safe and smiling at the same time.

Fireproof and flexible plastic protective barriers can be wrapped around columns, radiators and edges in fun material such as rubber that will both protect and delight children, through the use of bright colours and stunning designs.

However, it’s not just at school and playground where safety protections keep children safe. The same innovative designs and products can be implemented in health and wellness centres, parks and sports areas to ensure children are kept safe anywhere they go.

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