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Live-in Nannies Versus Live-Out Nannies

When choosing your London nanny you should weigh up all your options and consider whether having a live-in or live-out nanny is best for your family. Having another person live within the family home may not be ideal for everyone, and it is important to be 100% comfortable with any decision that is made involving your childcare, but let us help you make an informed decision by giving you some things to consider.

A live-in nanny is generally more flexible than a live-out nanny. They live within the home, they are there all the time and will often be happy to provide overnight care at the last minute, as well as evening and weekends. That is not to say you should take advantage of their free time but last minute arrangements can pop up from time to time and this could be something to bring up with any potential nannies. It is also worth noting that live-in nannies tend to be more cost effective, due to the fact that ‘room and board’ is typically part of their compensation and therefore they get paid less than live-out nannies.

Getting to know your nanny can be play a very important part in your child’s care, and of course this is easier to do if they are living under your roof. You can play a more hands on role by offering them feedback and advice, and general management of childcare can be a lot easier when you can see how your nanny interacts with your children day to day.

Of course there are benefits for the nanny too, they save on housing expenses as well as food, meaning that their money can go toward other things. They also have the convenience of living where they work meaning no stressful commute. The nanny may be from another part of the country and will be able to live the London life, as a nanny in Clapham for a much lesser cost.

It is important to consider that privacy may become an issue when another person comes to live in the home, for both the family and the nanny. It can be hard to separate parent-time from nanny-time as young children often don’t understand the difference or why it is so important.

As with any new scenario, it will take a while to get used to the living arrangements and may even be a bit awkward for both parties at the start. Trying to fit someone else into the family dynamic is hard and not a decision to be taken lightly, but it can also nurture a really lovely relationship between the family and nanny, creating bonds that would not otherwise happen. Just be sure to be open and honest about any expectations, needs or boundaries you may have from the beginning.

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