Saturday , July 22 2017
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Nice Bed Lights

Three weeks ago I cruised past an odd banner advertising the Bright Time Buddies line. My son expressed an interest in trying one out as his beloved Buzz Lightyear nightlight teddy had just taken his last flight around the moon.

Ordering was quite easy, multiple shipping options, and very good deal on buying multiples. I also found it pleasant that if you decide to upgrade the order for 10.00 more you get different styles of buddies who change into other colors than their basic glows.

Our quaint little package arrived three days after they processed my order and I was delighted to see exactly what I had envisioned when I ordered. The size was perfect, and the texture of the buddy’s body was not as weird as my son thought it would be.

The colors did come through much better when they were in something other than a soft glow. Replacing the batteries has proven to be a bit tricky, and the lifespan of those batteries did not last as long as I would have expected considering the brand of the batteries I used.

The buddy does drain batteries quickly. So far we have went through a 12 pack of batteries. If you purchase these little darlings I would highly recommend you picking up a rechargeable battery pack. You will save much more money that way, time as well.

During those three weeks my household came down with a dreaded virus. As anyone with children knows, accidents happen. I was pleasantly surprised to see the ease of clean up with these toys without it damaging the outer layer.

Overall we are very happy with our purchase of the Bright Time Buddies. They are a durable, squishy, and a delightful addition to our bedtime routine.

Also we stuck an extra one in the bathroom for those late night breaks. Highly Recommend!


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