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Three Reasons Why a Doll’s Pram Makes the Perfect Children’s Present

Not only are dolls prams a fun and engaging toy for young children to play with, but they can also play an important role in their learning and development.

We spoke to Play Like Mum who are launching a new range of Silver Cross dolls prams, and they said: ”We believe that real life play offers huge benefits to little ones, and plays a huge role in their early development,

Here are just three reasons why all children (not just girls!) should be encouraged to play with doll’s prams, and why it could make the perfect present for your little one’s next birthday.

Cognitive Skills

Kids often find it easier to practice many of the skills that they’re learning on someone or something else before themselves, such as getting dressed.

(This is one of the reasons why girls often develop these kinds of skills quicker, because they’re more likely to have played with dolls and prams, so all the more reason for boys to get involved!)

At around age two or three, children start to see their dolls as real people and act as though they can actually see and interact back with them.

They’ll start to take on responsibility for the doll, taking them for walks, feeding them and putting them to bed and such, and this kind of imaginative play is crucial for their cognitive development.

Social Skills

Playing with dolls also helps children to understand the world around them, specifically how to look after another person.

All their actions with their doll, such as feeding it and taking it for walks are helping them to understand the needs of other people, and will repeat the behaviour that they see grown-ups practicing, just like how they might copy you doing lots of other things!

This all helps to prepare them for the real world, making them feel like adults and giving them a sense of control and power.

This aspect is crucial, because children have very little control over their own worlds, but feeling in charge of their play like this will let them exercise control in a safe environment.

What’s more, spending time with a doll could help your little one to prepare for a younger sibling, if this is something which is on the cards!

Language Skills

Pretend play with a doll’s pram is also a great way for children to build up their speech and language skills, as they’ll often chatter away to their doll as they push them around.

You can help to guide this learning by asking them prompting ‘wh’ questions such as “Where are you taking baby?” or “What are you and baby doing today?”.

Playing is where children develop a lot of their speech skills and will help prepare them for playing with other children in the future!

For a little more detail on exactly how play impacts on your little one’s speech, check out this blog post from Playing with Words 365.

As you can see, as well as being a lot of fun for little ones, doll’s prams can go a long way in your little one’s early development, even if they don’t realise it.

So, make sure that a brand new doll’s pram is at the top of your shopping list for their next big birthday, and remember that there’s no reason why they just need to be for girls, as this post from Fusion explains!

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