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What’s In a Name?

Do you know what the top baby names in the UK are? Maybe you want a strong, traditional name; maybe you want to change the spelling slightly, or maybe you want a unique name that you know no-one else will choose.

But what’s in a name? How do you know the name you pick for your baby boy or girl will suit them? Here, we take a look at the top baby names in the UK and what they might mean.

Top Baby Names for Boys


“Free person”

Charlie can be used for both boys and girls, with Charles being the derivative for a masculine name of royalty. It has become a popular name for girls over the past 10 years in the UK and can often mean a person of a free-spirited nature and positive energy.


“Ruler of the House”

Harry is confident and knows what he wants in life. Harry’s are authoritative, yet humble – they don’t let power go to their heads. Courage and wisdom abound, Harry is a popular name in the US and UK.


“God is Gracious”

Often used in fairy tales such as Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack is a popular UK name meaning “God is Gracious.” It’s a name signifying fun, go-happy and light-heartedness!


“Following after”

James has a long-standing tradition in the United Kingdom, There have been plenty of nobles and Kings with the name James, and it signifies strength and honour.


“Elf warrior”

Loyal, caring, kind and care-free, Oliver is a great name that has been popular in the UK for quite a time. Olivers of the world aspire to grow into greatness!

Top Baby Names for Girls


“Sympathy, compassion”

Sometimes also meaning “woman who heals,” Ella offers sympathy and is a kind-hearted soul who cares deeply for others. Loved ones flock around Ella’s energy and warmth!



Emily’s are friendly and good-natured, with smarts and logic to win over the competition! They won’t let anything get in the way of achieving their goals and aspirations in life.


“Promise of God”

Isabella, or Isabel, meaning strength, hope and courage. Isabella’s of the world are spritely and confident, giving an aura of great energy and encouragement to others.


“Lily flower”

A symbol meaning purity, Lily is a name for the slightly adventurous, but caring, compassionate and relaxed around those who gain energy from her warmth and kindness.


“Woman of Wisdom”

Sophia is a good, strong name that can signify intelligence, wit and loyalty. Meaning “Woman of Wisdom,” Sophia is a powerful name for a strong-willed personality!

So whether you want a traditional, unique name, or if you choose wisely from this great list of top baby names, you’ll know your baby’s name will suit their small – but wonderful – personality!