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Which are really the Best Toys for Kids then?

How many times have you heard something claiming to be ‘the best toys for the kids’, only to to then hear something completely different being suggested?

Look at every Christmas , how long is it before those ‘best toys for kids’ end up on top of the trash pile?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could find somewhere, or someone, that offers a balanced and objective view, about what really are the best toys for kids? Epic Kids Toys is actually good for this.

Suppose you found a website you could trust, because it listed the top-selling best toys for kids, along with a detailed description to help you make an informed decision?

See the truth is, there is not one single constant answer to the ‘best toys for kids’ debate. No one toy will be suitable for every child, or every family or home.

However, what can be said with confidence is what are the best types of toys for kids, especially those of a certain age or certain interests.

Let’s think laterally for a moment … suppose we tried to divide the market up into different categories, what would that look like?

Without a doubt, the best toys for kids would fall into the following always-popular categories :-

Baby and Toddler Toys

Bath toys, car seat and stroller toys, Activity play centres, play structures, indoor climbers, learning activity toys, shape sorters, music/sound and push/pull toys will always be sound investments for families. Helping their children learn, develop and be happy is easy with the right choice in baby and toddler toys.

Bikes, Skates and Ride-Ons

Whilst one of the widest categories around, it’s also the one most children look for first. Who doesn’t want a bike, a car, a skateboard, or even a skateboard? IN addition to the toys, of greater concern to the parents is the correct safety and protective equipment.

Action and Toy Figures

Always in demand, keep up with the latest – and the long-standing favourites – amongst action figures by browsing through DC Comics, Data, Anime, Disney, Funko, Marvel, Star Wars, Minecraft, Bobbleheads, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, WWE, Transformers, Angry Birds and much, much more.

Dolls and Accessories

Every girl loves her doll, and this category is chock full of fashion, houses, dolls, playlets and most of all, the most famous doll in the world, beautiful Barbie.

Arts and Crafts

Education is never boring, and helps bring out the creative side of our kids. Help them develop whilst having fun with easels, blackboard, beads, craft kits, drawing and painting sets, tablets for sketching and so much more.

Sports and Outdoor Play

Lawn games, playhouses, sports, pools/water fun, flying toys and play sets always delight the more energetic and athletic kids.

Video Games

Leapfrog education games, or more ‘grown up’ consoles such as Playstation 4, Wii, Xbox 360 or Nintendo 3DS are always popular.

Stuffed Animals and Toys

Which kid doesn’t love a plush figure, puppet, teddy bear or similar?

Hallmark Itty Bitty seem all the rage at present, from Horton, Wonder Woman, Kung Fu Panda and even Supergirl, these toys never go out of fashion.

Building and Construction Toys

Stacking Blocks, gear and building sets such as Duplo, marble runs and everybody’s favourite – Lego – make this one of the most fun categories and perennially popular.

So they are all great categories, you can find lots more information on kids toys at the Epic Kids Toys Blog.

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