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Why Traditional Kids Toys Will Always Survive Trends

Modern technology is changing our lives and the lives of our children at a rapid pace, and while in many cases this is for the better, it can also be a little worrying at times too.

Research has found that more than 60% of children regularly use touchscreen devices rather than playing with more traditional toys such as dolls, action figures and, board games.

While tablets and smartphones can be a great way to get your little ones to be quiet for a couple of hours, unfortunately they just don’t stimulate the brain in the same way that imaginative play does, and can lead to children getting far less exercise and sleep too.

So, why do we think traditional toys will always survive?

They Encourage Imagination

While newer toys can be great for occupying a child’s mind, they don’t really engage with them in the same way that they would do with traditional toys.

Simple toys such as dolls and teddy bears don’t come with instructions or settings, and it’s up to the child to make their own fun, and play with them however they see fit.

Given the right tools, it’s quite amazing how far a child’s imagination can take them, and the worlds and games that they can create just in their own heads.

Not only is this a lot more fun for the children themselves, but it also plays an important part in their development.

For example, we spoke to the guys at Play Like Mum dolls prams, who said: “Playing with a doll’s pram isn’t just a fun way to pass the time for children, it also helps to teach them responsibility, develop their speech skills, and potentially even prepare for a little brother or sister.”

They Promote Interaction

While a tablet may keep children quiet, is that always necessarily a good thing? It’s good for children to interact with one another (and their parents) at a young age to develop their social skills and traditional toys certainly help to do this.

Learning how to share and how to understand the needs of others are important skills to pick up at an early age, and playing with toys gives much more opportunity to do this than sitting in front of a screen.

Not only do toys allow children to interact with other kids the same age, but they also allow parents to spend more quality time bonding with their children.

They’re Constantly Evolving

Just because a toy was around when you or your parents were children doesn’t mean that it’s outdated.

Many of the most popular toys in history are still going strong, and many have reinvented themselves to stay relevant to a modern audience.

Think about the huge brands such as Lego, which are just as popular as every before, and other popular products like Transformers, Care Bears, and My Little Pony, all of which are as big as ever, even in the face of new fads and trends.

While technology has a big (and positive) role to play in the development of our children, it’s important that we don’t come to rely on it too much, and remember that there’s no substitute for the imagination and joy that traditional toys can bring to playtime.

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