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Why your Kids and Toddlers should watch Animated Song Videos

Did you know what that children’s animated song videos are one of the most highly-watched types of content?

Perhaps we’d all admit to letting our children watch some of the animated song videos as an activity to keep them occupied, but do you know there are actually many more benefits?

Here we will explore three good reasons for you to let your toddlers and kids watch more animated song videos, safe and justified in the knowledge that you’re actually helping your child’s development too! So while they are loving the Five Little Ducks, or one of the many other animated videos, they can be benefiting from the experience too.

Animated song videos keep kids interested

Whether you have kids or toddlers, just watch how their attention is instantly centred once you out an animated song video on.

It seems children of all ages have an innate attraction to these cartoons with songs and music, so much so they will drop whatever they are doing – even being naughty – and stare engrossed into the screen.

Whilst it may just be you need to keep them occupied during a phone call you need to take, or even if you need them to be quiet for a sustained period, animated song videos are your children’s instant and engaging friend.

Kids are instantly interested in the music, the colours, the characters or whatever, but it’s a sure thing that if ever you want to immediately catch your child’s attention, an animated song video is the key to success.

Animated song videos are educational for kids

Given the rise in popularity of animated song video, production companies are investing heavily in producing high-quality entertainment that is also educational. It’s not enough for a video to just be mildly of interest, so the more activity going on the better the child will be engaged.

Animated song videos now have storylines, involved characters that the kids are interested in, songs they can listen to and join in with, as well as subtitles showing the song words for them to learn.

All in all, animated song videos are proving to be key in children’s educational developments with their reading, listening and attention all being directed towards the screen and thus producing key results that will only improve your child.

Animated song videos build key skills in kids

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, animated song videos also help children in their development of key skills. Performing, singing, having fun, chatting, reading all help develop the individual character of the child.

Children are known to have personality development accredited directly to early exposure to entertainment such as animated song videos. Look at those child stars that were singing, dancing or performing at an early age, and it’s highly likely they were the kids whose parents allowed them to watch and engage with animated song videos in their early years.

So, with these 3 major benefits, what are you waiting for to let your children watch animated song videos? The sooner you start, the sooner your child will have a better of chance of building their interest, their education and their key development skills!

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