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Your Baby’s Appearance

What will my baby look like?

As you go for your baby scan you might find yourself wondering – what will my baby look like? A mini version of me or their mother/father? Actually they will have their own unique look, most likely taking the traits from dominant genes such as:

  • Hair and eye colour
  • Ears, nose, mouth and eyes
  • Hair and skin texture and type

Hair and eye colour

Brown and green eyes are dominant colours over grey and blue. The same is also usually true for hair colour – red and blonde hair, as recessive genes, will be rare when the mother and father both have strong genetic history of brown and black hair. Genes can also skip generations – no, this is not a myth! – if your mother or grandmother has red hair and blue eyes, you have brown hair and green eyes, your baby could very well have a variation of all four – red hair and green eyes, or brown hair and blue eyes!

That’s why wondering “what will our baby look like?” can be really fun to think about – will you see a part of yourself in your baby, or part of your own parents?

The Y Factor

The Y chromosome that determines whether you will have a boy or girl typically controls the eyes, nose and facial shape – however, similar to hair and eye colour, dominant features will tend to appear in your baby over recessive features. If your baby’s father has big ears and a small, pointy nose, your baby is likely to gain these traits too!

There are tons of apps and websites that will try to give you an indication of what your baby will look like, but as your baby grows, their features will become more pronounced. They will grow into some features, such as their ears, whereas other features will become less pronounced such as that baby-blue eye colour of a first born, their fluffy baby hair and their mouths, noses and face shape will change.

These are all signs that your baby is becoming their own little person! There will be fleeting signs or features that you will see in your baby as they become a toddler and child that will make your friends say “oh, she looks like you!” but those first-born features will define and shape your baby into who they will grow to be.

What an exciting time to watch your baby grow!